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A multifarious background is a testament to her tenacity and fondness of the challenging. A gymnast since birth, her mother often found her hanging on things that were not meant to be hung on before she could even walk.  Many heart palpitations later her mother enrolled her in gymnastics.  This was Natalie's true love.  She was a feirce competitor winning many awards and competed nationally.  Though she stopped competing as a teenager her desire to hang on things and fly though the air never dissipated.
She began her career as a musician at a very young age, serenading the neighbors from the back yard with songs from the Little Mermaid.  Since then she has been in countless award winning choirs and bands, and has recorded lead vocals for various projects and albums.  Her love of singinging and performing also landed her in musical theater. 
Natalie graduated from Purdue University as a Mechanical Engineer working in research and development. It was here she realized her dreams to be an inventor and earned her first patents for her development of stents for the cardiovascular system.  She left this work to travel the world for several months before taking a new position as a LEGO engineer.  Where she was paid to play with her favorite toy every day!

Natalie abell

Artist, coach, Maverick
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