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circus artist, acrobat, aerialist



Specialty Acts Available:  Vertical Rope, Hand Balancing, Hula Hooping (solo and duo)


Additional Ground Skills Include: Tumbling, Partner/Group Acrobatics, Clowning/Character work, Table sliding, Acrobatic Chair, Basic Ball and Club Juggling


Additional Aerial Skills Include: Aerial Silks, Aerial Straps, Cloud Swing, Static Trapeze


Sports: Gymnastics (uneven bars, floor, balance beam, vault), Swimming, Cheerleading, Roller Skating, Inline Trick Skating, Track and Field (sprinting, long jump, hurdles, shot put and discus), Softball, Rock Climbing (indoor and outdoor), Swimming, Volleyball

Athletic Skills

2010 - present


Music:  Recording Artist Singing credits, Music Studio Production
Other:  Mechanical Engineering, Apparatus Exploration and Invention


2010 - present


Unbridled Cabaret - Chicago - Hula Hoop

Absinthe Minded - Chicago - Hand Balancing

Drifter - Chicago - Hula Hoop

Viva Fest - Las Vegas - Hula Hoop

Ghost Light Odyssey - GLO - Las Vegas - Hula Hoop

Cirque Olympia - Texas Renaissance Festival - Houston - Hula Hoop, Hand Balance, Aerial Silks

Corporate Performance - Main Electric - Los Angeles - LED Hula Hoop


M is for Magic - Las Vegas - Magician's Assistant, Hula Hoop

Atomic Circus - Chicago - Acrobatics, Hula Hoop, Yodelling

Elf on the Shelf Experience - Los Angeles - Hula Hoop, Acrobatics, Juggling, Tumbling


Sanctuary in Place - Online Performance April 2020 - Hand Balancing

Sanctuary - Chicago - Hand Balaning, Partner Acrobatics

Unbridled Cabaret - Chicago - Hand Balancing, Partner Acrobatics


BRAVE SPACE - Marché International de Cirque Contemporain (MICC) - Montreal Cirque Festival - Representing Aloft Circus Arts

BRAVE SPACE - Rochester Fringe Festival - Full Length Show - Hula Hoop, Hand Balancing, Acrobatics, Rope

BRAVE SPACE - Arts in the Park - Chicago - Hula Hoop, Hand Balancing, Acrobatics, Rope

BRAVE SPACE - Summer West Coast Tour - Hula Hoop, Hand Balancing, Acrobatics, Rope

BRAVE SPACE - Spring Midwest Tour - Hula Hoop, Hand Balancing, Acrobatics, Rope

GenCon - Indianapolis - Partner Acrobatics

Sanctuary - Hand Balaning, Aerial Rope, Invented Apparatus

Unbridled Cabaret - Chicago - Hand Balancing, Partner Acrobatics

Columbia Fest - Chicago - Aerial Silks

Mysteriousa - Chicago - Silks, Hand Balancing


Hysterical by Alter Circus - NECCA Residendy - Full length show: Ensemble, Dance, Hand Balancing, Acro, Hula Hoops

Lollapalooza Music Festival - Chicago - Hand Balancing, Character

Hendricks Gin - Chicago - Hand Balancing, Character

GenCon - Indianapolis - Hand Balancing, Rope

IndianaComicCon - Indianapolis - Hand Balancing

Zoo Lights - Lincoln Park Zoo - Chicago - Hula Hoops, Hand Balancing

12 Hour Project - Chicago - Director

Unbridled Cabaret - Chicago - Hand Balancing, Parnter Acrobatics

Sanctuary - Chicago - Partner Acrobatics, Hand Balancing, Rope

Communion - Chicago - Hand Balancing, Rope, Hula Hoop


A Fool's Journey - Misfit Circus - Co-owner, Producer, Played tarot card "Strength" - Rope, Partner Acrobatics, Hand Balancing, Singer

Moment of Circus Festival - "1,2" A Featured Collaboration with Yuri Lane - Beatbox, Acrobatics, Hula Hoop

Moment of Circus Festival - "Rope Battle" - Luchador style match, best tricks & most flare wins - Division Winner - Featuring Terry Cran & Emiliano Ron

DIRTT - Chicago Theater - Aloft Circus Arts - Teeter Board, Rope, Hand Balancing, Hula Hoop

Sanctuary - Aloft Circus Arts - Chicago IL - Hand Balancing, Rope, Singing

Haunted a Halloween Experience - Chicago, IL - Hand Balancing, Contortion, Character

AI After Dark - Acrobatica Infiniti - Chicago, IL - Partner Acrobatics, Hand Balancing

Misfits at Kelvyn Park - Chicago Park District - Hand Balancing

El Circo Cheapo Cabaret in The Little Apple - Manhattan, KS - Hand Balancing, Rope

Le Nue with Michelle L'amour - Chicago, IL - Hand Balancing

Inferno with Michelle L'amour - Chicago, IL - Partner Acrobatics

NYE Uncensored with Michelle L'amour - Chicago, IL - Partner Acrobatics

Carnivale Corporate Party - Chicago, IL - Flat Lyra Duo

Unbridled Cabaret at Untitled - Chicago, IL - Hand Balancing, Partner Acrobatics

The English Beat at Lincoln Hall - Chicago, IL - Hand Balancing


Sephira - Full Length show - Detroit, MI - Hula Hooping, Duo Lyra, Group Acrobatics, Dance

Dinner of Our Discontent - Circus Now: International Contemporary Circus Exposure - New York, NY - Aerial Cage, Table Slide, Acrobatics

Atlanta Aerial Arts Festival - Atlanta, GA - Aerial Cage duo

Adler After Dark - Hand Balancing

The Greatest Promise on Earth - Milwaukee, WI - Vertical Rope

El Circo Cheapo Cabaret - Aerial Cage duo

El CIrco Cheapo Cabaret - Trident (Invented Apparatus)

El Circo Cheapo Cabaret - Hula Hoops

Acrobatica Ininiti After Dark - Clown

Acrobatica Ininiti After Dark - Hand Balancing

Heels Over Head at Improv Olympic - Hand Balancing

For the Love of Chocolate - Hand Balancing & Hula Hoops

Aloft Cabaret at Purina Farms - St Louis, MO - Hula Hoops & Vertical Rope

Acrobatica Infiniti Cabaret for American Express - Clown & Hula Hoops



Hi Res Artist Residency Program & Grant - Chosen Finalist - Director & Artist

Ballet Legere presents The Nutcracker - Tumbling & Dance

Fashionably Loud Fashion Show - Vertical Rope

Unbridaled at Untitled - Acrobatic Chair

Nightmare on Chicago Street - Vertical Rope

The Nerd Circus Gala - Acrobatica Infiniti - Vertical Rope

Park 205 Grand Opening Event - Ambient Hand Balancing & Hula Hooping

Chicago Contemporary Circus Festival Works in Progress Showcase - Trident (Invented Apparatus)

We Are Cosplay Chi Fi - Hula Hoops

C2E2 - McCormick Place - Hula Hoops

El Circo Cheapo Cabaret - Vertical Rope

Laguiniats Beer Circus - Stilt Walking

Ms. Pixy’s Big Fucking Party - Uptown Underground - Hula Hoops

Embark Gala - Hula Hoops

Circus Smirkus Showcase -  Vertical Rope & Partner Hula Hooping

Untitled Cabaret - Acrobatic Chair

Fulton Street Collective Fundraiser - Partner Acrobatics 



Dinner of our Discontent - Cloud Swing, Acrobatics, Table Slide

Adler PlanetariumWinter Wonderland - Hand Balancing, Stilt Walking, Flexibility

El Circo Cheapo Cabaret - Trident (Invented Apparatus)
Fulton Fest - Aerial Rope - Representing Aloft Circus Arts
Circus Circus New Year - Human Candelabra, Flexibility 

Circus Extravaganza!: A Hope of the Day Benefit - Flexibility, Hand Balancing

Wing Dings 36 "Light Up the Lake" - Group Acrobatics, Synchronized Aerial Silks

Solar Vortex - Trident, Group Acrobatics, Dance, Juggling, Hula Hooping
El Circo Cheapo Cabaret - Aerial Silk Trio
El Circo Cheapo Cabaret - Aerial Rope


2013 & Earlier
El Circo Cheapo Cabaret - Aerial Rope - Aloft Circus Arts 
The Gross Show: a Benefit for Aloft Circus Arts - Aerial Rope, Character - 10/2013
Aloft Showcase - Aerial Rope - Aloft Circus Arts - 10/2013
Pocketbook Guide to Hell - Hand Balancing, Hula Hoop, Walkabout - Salvage One - 06/2013

Ethereal Ball - Aerial Rope, Static Trapeze - 04/2013
The Feast - Aerial Silks - Darkmoon - Fort Wayne, IN - 10/2012
Aloft Showcase - Aerial Silks - Aloft Circus Arts - 05/2011



Aloft Loft - Adult Recreation - Rope, Silks, Tumbling, Hula Hooping, Acrobatics and Hand Balancing,   2013 - present

Aloft Loft - Adult Professional Program - Rope, Tumbling, Acrobatics,   2015 - present   

Circus Smirkus Big Top Tour - Children's Summer Camp - Rope, Hula Hooping,    Summer 2016

Circus Smirkus Camp - Children's Summer Camp - Acrobatics, Duo Rope, Hula Hooping, Hand Balancing,    Summer 2015, 2016




Private Training:  

Vertical Rope with Shayna Swanson,  2011 - 2014

Hand Balancing with Nourbol Meirmanov,  2014 - 2016

Hand Balancing with Charlotte Greenblatt,  2015 - 2017

Contortion and Partner Contortion Acrobatics with Oyuna, 2013 - present


Group Training:

Aloft Loft Full Time Training Program - August 2013 to June 2014

Intensive aerial and acrobatic training with emphasis in rope, hand balancing, hula hooping, acrobatics, composition, dance, and physical improvisation. Coaches: Shayna Swanson, Matt Roben, Jan Damm, Leah Leor, Nourbol Meirmonov

Recreational Group Circus Classes - 2010-2013 - Aloft Loft - aerial silks, rope, flexibility, and acrobatics

Competitive Swimming specializing in butterfly, freestyle and 200IM

Competative Gymnastics - Wright’s Gymnastics, Indianapolis, IN - USGA Level 8

Ballet & Modern Dance Classes - 2014-present 

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