Specialty:  Vertical Rope, Aerial Silks, Hand Balancing, Partner Acrobatics, Hula Hooping


Secondary: Stretching and Active Flexibility, Beginning Straps, Tumbling, Basic Juggling


Aloft Professional Training Program - Hand Balancing, Aerial Silks, Partner Acrobatics - Adults - 2015-Present

Aloft Recreational Program - Aerial Rope, Aerial Silks, Vertical Theory, Hand Balancing, Tumbling, Group Acrobatics, Acrobatic Hula Hooping -Adults - 2014-Present

Aloft Youth Performance Troupe Lead Coach - 2019-2020

Actors Gymnasium Professional Training Program - Aerial Rope, Hand Balancing - Adults - 2018-2019

CircEsteem Social Circus - Tumbling, Partner Acrobatics,  Hand Balancing, Flexibility, Hula Hooping, Aerial Silks, Juggling, Clonwing - Adolescents - 2017-Present

Circus Smirkus Tour - Aerial Rope, Invented Apparatus, Hula Hoop - Adolescents - 2016

Circus Smirkus Advanced Camp - Acrobatics, Aerial Rope, Cloudswing, Straps, - Adolescents - 2014-2016, 2020

Flying Gravity Circus Summer Camp - Aerial Straps, Hand Balancing, Juggling - Adolescents - 2017

Workshop Credits

Drop It Like It's Hot - Vertical drops on silks and rope, theory and practice

Practical and Practicable Balance - Inversion training for shoulders and core

Just Beat It! - Dynamic Beats and generating power on Vertical Apparatus