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Natalie Abell is a circus performer, coach and artist with a deep river of curiosity and a penchant for play. As a coach she draws on her multifaceted background as an inventor, engineer, singer, gymnast and circus artist to create, teardown and recreate useful frameworks for learning. Thoughtfully questioning the forces at work in each student’s learning process, Natalie uses play to bring joy to the necessary process of failure required to explore and create something new.  With over a decade of experience she has coached adults and youth alike at some of the top circus institutions in the United States including Circus Smirkus Big Top Tour, Circadium, Aloft Circus Arts, and more. She specializes in aerial rope, aerial silks, hand balancing, hula hoops, and partner acro. 

“Circus is a peek into what we could be. How great we could be. It is about conjuring your own miracles. We are coming for the transcendent.” 

~Ringmaster Jonathan Lee Iverson



Beginner to Advanced:  Vertical Rope, Aerial Silks, Hand Balancing, Hula Hooping


Beginner to Intermediate: Stretching and Active Flexibility, Partner Acrobatics, Tumbling

Nat coaching rope


Circadium - Vertical Theory, Partner Acrobatics, Hula Hoop - 2021-2022

Circus Smirkus Big Top Tour - Choreography, Aerial Rope, Aerial Silks, Invented Apparatuses, Acrobatics, Hula Hoop - Adolescents - 2016, 2020, 2021, 2022

Unity Circus Project - Aerial Silks, Tumbling, Tight Wire, Juggling - 2021-2022

Aloft Professional Training Program - Hand Balancing, Aerial Silks, Partner Acrobatics - Adults - 2015-Present

Aloft Recreational Program - Aerial Rope, Aerial Silks, Vertical Theory, Hand Balancing, Tumbling, Group Acrobatics, Acrobatic Hula Hooping -Adults - 2014-2020

Aloft Youth Performance Ensemble - Lead Coach - Choreography, Aerial Silks, Hula Hoop - 2019-2020

Actors Gymnasium Professional Training Program - Aerial Rope, Hand Balancing - Adults - 2018-2019

CircEsteem Social Circus - Tumbling, Partner Acrobatics,  Hand Balancing, Flexibility, Hula Hooping, Aerial Silks, Juggling, Clonwing - Adolescents - 2017-2020

Circus Smirkus Advanced Camp - Acrobatics, Aerial Rope, Cloudswing, Straps, - Adolescents - 2014-2016, 2020

Flying Gravity Circus Summer Camp - Aerial Straps, Hand Balancing, Juggling - Adolescents - 2017


For specific workshop descriptions and prices please email

Areas of expertise:

- Hand Balancing: beginning to advanced

- Vertical Theory (Rope & Silks): intermediate to advance

- Aerial Silks: beginning to advance

- Aerial Rope: beginning to advanced

- Creative Tumbling: beginner to advanced

- Partner Acrobatics: beginner to intermediate

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